Tell me how this happens?

Tell me how, 12 hours after the start of a new round, a team has all 6 perks and 640,000 team points? Provided all 25 players played equally that is 2133 points an hour for each player playing 12 hours straight without sleep. I don’t care what anyone says…that ain’t happening without some sort of cheat.


I agree, they must be using some sort of codes or something.

I like math too (just ask our club, I’m always doing this to them LOL)

When my bank is good, I can earn 5,000 - 7,000 points an hour (I play tribute hands only until we complete the perks). If I did that for 8 hours, I could earn at least 40,000 points. If all 25 members did that, we could have 1,000,000 points in 8 hours.

It helps that we have very generous teammates, & we give each other gifts. Those help a lot!

I don’t put in that much time all at once, & neither does the rest of the team, but we usually finish with a rank between 300 & 400 :smiley:


Thats how I play and a lot of my team, only play Tributes until all perks are done, then I go for my Red Stars. :slight_smile:


Don’t envy teams that are better dan yours. Just enjoy the game. We can’t all be the best


I don’t know that it’s about envy. It’s not understanding how they do it and still have a life. And MANY people notice and comment. If not here, then amongst themselves in their own chats.

It helps that the payouts in the game are extremely generous to the highest level teams. Not so much to teams really working it.


I consider our team a “team that really works it”. We get all 6 perks, sometimes the 7th. I average between 35 and 50,000 per week. At the last event end, I received about 60,000 in coins. I realize it is a reward for perk completion but if we complete all regular perks, I want all on the team to receive a better reward than what we can get daily from coin exchange with friends! Just saying…


I think this is the key for those who don’t understand. Some players are retired and have a few hours to spend doing what they want every day. Some players might be bedridden, and playing gives them something to do. Some might be lonely & this gives them some companionship. Whatever the reason they can & do spend more time playing than others is ok by me. I’m not in one of the top 100 clubs & that’s ok with me too. I like the amount of time I have available to play, & am ok with those who have more time & get more points. Just like it is ok that some people only play a little bit each week. It’s great that people can find clubs with others who can put in the same amount of time and/or earn comparable amounts of points. Cuz let’s face it, some people have money to burn too - some don’t, some won’t, & that’s ok too.

Some might need something like tripeaks to have something good in their lives.

As long as you feel like you are in a club where everybody does their share, it’s all good.


There is a variety of reasons as Cindy stated, if this is what you are trying to set a goal for the top 10, is if you reach their weekly rules guidelines, you can always opt to join. I’m typically a 60-70 k player, I’ve hit the 100 k on many occasions, but it ran me broke and alot more grey. To reach those goals you play all the time. I am on my game “all the time” but alot of it is collecting coins to replenish my bank to play some more. Personally if I played hard all the time I would get “tired” of the game. But that’s me. For some their disability limits them so his game is their focus, ect. So many different reasons why people play.


Thank you! Being new it is hard to know these things!


It can be done with a big bank. My team used to do it all the time.


I play on an iPhone 5 and arthritic fingers and so I am slow. I assume the veterans are super fast and able yet to chose the cards carefully while predicting the best move to get a long run. These folks have been playing a long time and like golfers know each hole they know each hand. They are waiting for new levels and have played both ships and expert levels. Lol I envy them. It is amazing how fast they rack up theirs points and how high their winnings are. I think they deserve the pot as they earned them.
I like how the leaderboard groups are smaller. Maybe they could make the perks comps into smaller groups.