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Recently, I have noticed I’m being unsuspectedly logged out of the game.

At first I thought it was because of the time that I was logging in. Early morning (Pacific standard Time) it would occur, but today I noticed it happened and it is in the afternoon. The only common factor is whenever I use a star boost, where I can double my stars for 3 hours.

Can someone please assist me with this because I am growing increasingly frustrated with this issue. If I do not use the bonus, I don’t get logged out, but as soon as I use that bonus I get logged out. It has not happened every time I’ve used the bonus, but it does happen and it has occurred at least on five different occasions in the last two weeks.

@Paris_Rayne did you report this in the game?
If not, make sure you do! In the game, click on your profile (the menu button in the top left corner). Click on help, then click on contact us at the bottom of your screen. I have also heard you can send an email if that doesn’t work. The email is


@Laurel_T… Thank you for this information. I wasn’t able to find tech support, but with your assistance now I know. Thank you once again.


I have a question that I cant find the answer to. How do I change my picture so that I can make that stupid poo up telling to change to my picture stop?. It’s annoying It keeps happening during my .game

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On the FAQ page #13 says:

"Select the Menu button in the upper left corner of the screen. Your current Portrait is In the upper left corner of the resulting pop-up, where it says “Change Portrait.” Tap your Portrait to open the Portrait Book.

Scroll through the Book using the arrows on the left and right. Earned portraits are in color, unearned Portraits are darkened.

Tap an earned Portrait to bring up the Set Portrait button, and tap that to change to that Portrait."

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