Teamplayers Needed on Platinum League

Boogiaboo…pronounced Boo-Jay-Boo, is needing a few players who can co tribute to the team. We are easy going and drama free. Every member is somebody, with a name and a life. Your not a number. We encourage each other, and sometimes get a little silly. Were more than just players, were a family. We’re not super chatty, but communication is key. Our biggest issue is completing cq. CQ is a priority but there’s a few who don’t even try or let us know they have problems with it. Let us know, we understand. Most of the team finishes cq and when we don’t compete it, it’s frustrating. It’s not fair. So those few will be removed as soon as a their spot is filled. Requirements are listed in picture ! We also have our own FB page

I’m looking for a new club. I play mainly tributes and get 30k+ points a week.

Send request please. Love to welcome you