Teammates Needed - Join our Friendly Club Today

Showmetheapples is looking for 1-3 teammates - come join our orchard today!
We are a top 10 friendly Platinum team and our Perk Order is 126354S. We ask all our teammates to always check Club Notes, use Chat to write “maxed” when they complete each Club Quest and let us know if they will be idle for an extended period of time. Our Daily Club Minimums, that we all exceed, are 3,500 Club Points per day and 25 Tributes per day. Playing in the Club Competition is optional–we do not compete on weekends but merely everyone qualifies and the first few active dig one hole for gold and stop so we take 5th place (50 gems is better than 0 gems!) and midweek week with Golden Tiki those who wish to participate dig must dig with a minimum of 10 shovels.
Join us today, you won’t be disappointed!

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Still in need of one more player!