Team Players Wanted

Hi Tripeaks players.! We have been a diamond rank team for a year, and like many teams out there, we lost 2, due to life, and I have a core 23 who all go above and beyond. We are looking to fill 2 slots with someone who values team play . We always complete all perks, including xtra perk, and was super impressed with the team getting the 900k perk last week. We all strive for excellence, work together, and acheive greatness! We would like for you to consider joining our team if you fit the requirements as follows- 5k daily min. Participant in cq, be a true team player! Most digg in the competition, however its not a requirement!
Please check us out, if u feel like you may be a perfect fit and addition , to our rock stars of players
" BLAZED" ( in diamond) is our team name!
Good luck to all searching, dont give up , your perfect match is just a few clicks away! Thanks for reading!
xx - 420