Team players needed!

Are you a team player? Are you stuck in a club that seems to be going nowhere? Sick of doing all the work and others reaping the benefits?
Have you answered yes to any of the above?
Then join us. Team Warriors. We are a new club with experienced players ready to climb the ranks.
Look us up. Team Warriors. But don’t just look at what league we’re in, look at our score. That will tell you how experienced we are.
We require 20k a week, 24hrs idle and club quests are a must.
Check us out. You won’t be disappointed or contact me. :slight_smile:

Do you still have room in your club? I am a daily player and always play the tributes

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Yes we do. Please look us up Team Warriors and request to join. Or I can send you an invite if we are friends on facebook.

I found you on facebook and sent a friend request. :slight_smile: