Team Leaders leaving

What happens when your team leader leaves and there are no co leaders?

TriPeaks will make one of the playing members a leader regardless, though I am unsure of what they base the criteria on.

You could contact tripeaks threw support and ask…
My guess is the player with the most points would be awarded🤷🏻‍♀️

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They choose nu leader, whether there is/are co-leader(s) or not, based on hw active each player. Level of activity is based on hw mny tributes each player collects, hw mny club points they each collect, as well as hw mny hrs each player is idle–that is, after all, why nu leader being chosen…coz “unseated” leader been idle too long.

If leader has not played for 14 days Tri Peaks peaks Will send a notice saying "team leader has not played for 7 days, if not played within next 7 days a new leader will be chosen.

The person chosen is by random computer generation

Thx for clarifying & adding to my apprehension. I wz concerned when original leader of my team wz replaced. Coz I’m co-leader, wz concerned I’d be chosen when 2d leader wz replaced. Now that u’ve clarified that nu leader chosen by computer, coz of “relationship” with TriPeaks Support, I might as well sever ties with Solitaire TriPeaks.