Team Crusher Club Quests

The Club Quests are demoralizing my club because we mostly lose them by just a little bit. One of our Co-Leaders named them “Team Crushers.” The recent Club Quest of 55,000 Club Points by 20 Members has a max cap of 2,750 per Member. I am the Leader of a Gold club, currently in the top 3, with 25 Members. Every Member has been a Club Champ. Every. Single. One.

The distribution of our weekly/daily club points has the top ten members routinely getting the max of 2,750. Every one of the next fifteen members must increase their usual rate of play by 12%. If someone is not able to play that day the burden is passed onto the other lower ranked members. People play at a rate based on their time or resources. Saying “Do 12% more,” every day, or you let your team down, isn’t productive. Putting a club quest check box next to their name wont force them to complete the club quest any more than the check box forces them to select the free club gift.

I would request, if you don’t mind paying out Club Quests, raising or eliminating the max points allowed to complete a Club Quest. The slower less regular players may miss out on the Club Quest. The current system is frustrating because everyone is doing what they can but the reward is always just out of reach.

Lots of comments in the forum that members don’t “do their share.” This week Far From Sober’s top 5 members contributed 32% of the club points. The bottom 5 members contributed 9% of the club total. My Gold club looks like that, except for all the club points and tributes. There will always be a Pareto principle, 80/20 rule, distribution from the over achievers (we know who we are) to the members happy to just play.

We don’t put a max cap on Perks. Why put a cap on Club Quests?


I have also along many other players have asked for, the last hour at least open the quest to anyone who plays.
I have also asked for the extra check mark for maxed team quests because players will say they have maxed and actually didn’t, and it will show consistancy. There are alot of players that want to be in a high league and not contribute fairly.
Also something our club does is have a bank week where we just collect coins, keep the volcano cooled and take a mini break from the game, this also resets the demand for team and personal quests, at least for a couple of weeks.

GSN also needs to consider today’s “climate.” There are far less members able to play, if at all, as often as they could before pandemic. Those are essential workers, 24/7 parents and/or people who’ve been stricken with COVID. Pandemic has affected everyone everywhere in mny different ways. Pandemic has caused people to abandon mny of their interests, incapacitating mny others who depend on them, in mny different ways.