Team #Awesomesauce- strong team with openings

Team #Awesomesauce is a platinum/diamond league team with 4 openings. I believe this is the space to decompress and crush goals as a team, no stress. Invite only, please share if you request and we will look forward to welcoming you to the team! :dizzy:
Side note: Members lost were those who needed breaks for summer, since have been those not ready/able to commit to teamwork. :pensive:

Awesome Ad ! :heart::heart::star_struck:
Finding committed players is getting so tough ! Best of luck to you and team !

R yal still seeking daily motivated and dedicated team member who is abosuletly loyal and great communicater

Hey there! I have 2 openings :two_hearts: Ready to welcome you, if you’re interested :relaxed:

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I would love to join im n a eehh ok kinda team right now but they don’t play daily or try to beat quests or compete n anything it’s nerve racking all the great rewards me and the other great players r on the team

I hear you! That can be very frustrating to give teamwork but see barriers alongside these quests and other activities that need all hands on deck.

We have 2 openings, when we are not short handed, we do not face many barriers with quest completions of placing top 5 platinum league in tournament. The team also digs united in digging comp, even though it is voluntary =)

Would love to welcome you today, but if you prefer to wait until end of round I can also respectfully save a slot for you. :blush:

As much as I want the team full again, I want to be welcoming new teammates, so patience is always a virtue!

If ready, just let me know the name to approve from inbox (search “Awesomesauce” then choose platinum league with #) OR you can share the team & name for me to search & send invite to.