Switching clubs

I’m an avid player always meet tributes plus. Booted from a club for no reason and lost gold status. Who gets rid of players like that. Anyway why is it that if I change from a gold to gold or platinum to platinum I have to start over again. I’ve spent hours money time and yes effort to achieve my goal so why does the game take it away when all I’m searching for is a home that meets and accepts mutual terms.

I’ve started over twice and do like my club but it’s not as competitive as I’d like

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Hi your welcome to join our club team Krakatoa :grin:

@PepperyReef, are you asking about gold status in the club leagues, or red star leaderboard?

If it’s the club league, then it’s the team that earns that position, and when you are not part of the team, then you don’t get that specific spot. However, when you join a new team, you will share in whatever status they have already achieved.

If it’s the red star leaderboard that you talking about, then that should not have happened. All your goodies (red stars earned, coins, boosters, etc) should go with you. (Note: Everything except points go with you. The points you earn while in a club, are club points, and don’t go with you.) So if this is the case, you should report it.

As a side note, if it was the club leagues you were talking about, and you had earned a lot of points before they removed you, it could affect their club status, because the club doesn’t get to keep your points either, and that will affect their rank. I think that’s why TriPeaks started making it where no one gets to keep the points, to discourage removing people for no good reason.

There are many great clubs out there, I’m sure you will find one. Good luck, and Happy New Year :tada:

Great info and it does clarify so much. Thank you! Yes I was specifically speaking of my status. So if I understand how the game is set up if I’m in a god I can join a gold without losing status, platinum to platinum etc. But if I chose a team that is higher or lower I lose status. Correct?

The red stars coins etc I earned so they follow or should. I can now understand why the teams are set up as players can try to jump around.

I really appreciate the explanation. I think this will help many others understand as well. Happy tribute hunting!


If you switch teams you do lose the club points that you have earned. You do not lose what island you have progressed to, any boosters or wilds you have, or red stars earned or the coins you have. You start at 0 club points wth the new club but they know that and only expect your participation for the part of the week you are there. You also benefit in the perks the new club have already completed.

If you are looking for a team and can do 25,000 a week which is about 3,600 a day DeathRowRecords could always use another good player. Ask to join or find me on Facebook. BG Wyatt. Profile pic is a purple dragon.

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I hate to be that person, but I’m going to say this as just a reminder to everyone that it’s important to read the chat and motto. I find clubs don’t tend boot for absolutely no reason since they lose the points too. That’s why it’s so important to stick to the rules. I’ve seen players that played a lot but refused to go in perk order, tried to change things, or said inappropriate things in the chat get booted. Two tried to rejoin right away claiming the didn’t know why they were booted when they had been warned in the chat and informed to read and follow the rules.

As for your question…red star leaderboard goes with you, club earnings and rank stay with them. So even if you helped earn a perk in one club, if your new club doesn’t earn it you won’t get it at reset.


PepperyReef my team is looking for a good player. A new Dawn is the name of the team. We are platinum, which I believe is higher than gold. We are usually above that, with the holidays we all slowed down to allow everyone time to do what they needed without the stress. We will move up for the next week, as we are back to 100%. If you would like to join, go to your club, pull up your status in the club, click on discover at the top and type in A new Dawn, request to join, if you are keeping up and don’t have a low score or tributes it will be no problem. One of our players decided to take a break with the understanding, she can only come back if there is an opening. Good luck!

Our club Faith Walkers is looking for avid players. We are a fairly new club and have gold status. We want players that is willing to working to meet the daily limits which isn’t very high. Please consider us. Thanks

Exactly!!! Our team has booted many people for failing to read/respond in chat. We have a rule for newbies of 3k and current club quest before idle and will bring in newbies who come on, don’t say a word, and immediately go idle… we’ll give them a bit but nothing, so we boot!

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