Switching between accounts

I have 2 FB accounts and 2 tripeak accounts. I use to be able to switch between the 2 accounts on the same device… I hardly use my 2nd tripeak account and FB account. Today, I logged out of my primary Tripeak/FB account and tried to log into my other tripeak account. It said if I logged into the 2nd account, I wouldn’t be able to access my primary tripeak account anymore. Is this true?

No, your accounts are linked so it should be fine, I personally have just 1 account, so hopefully someone that uses multiple accounts can clarify this for you.

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Must have been a glitch…I tried again and didn’t get the same message as before


Yes, it is true. You have to be logged in to primary account on Facebook. Then go to tripeaks account, push accounts button until it is white (sign out of fb) then switch your facebook accounts. Go back into primary account, push accounts button again and the normal switching buttons should appear. Good luck!!!


Be careful switching. Tripeaks made it to where you can only have 1 fb account per device, no switching back and forth anymore. They made announcements ab it several months ago, go to their fb page. If any of your accounts gets lost, it’s gone permanently. I lost my 2nd account permanently bc of them pushing out the change. Frankly you’re lucky to have been able to switch back and forth at all. I’m jealous :wink: