Switching Accounts

I want to use my husband’s device to play. How do I switch from his account to mine?

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Hi @Telyha, welcome to the forum!

First, you only want to switch accounts, if both you and he have your TriPeaks accounts linked to FB or Apple ID. If his account is not linked to FB or Apple ID, and you switch to your accounts, he may lose his account forever. If your account isn’t link, you won’t be able to sign into your account on a different device.

With that said, if you’re all set and linked, this is how you do it. I only have experience with games linked to FB, so hopefully you are linked to FB. If not, we’ll need to find you someone linked with Apple ID to help.

First, in FB, log out of your husband’s account, and log into yours.

Then, in his TriPeaks game, tap on his profile pic (top left corner), then Accounts, then Sign out of FB.

Then, while still on that screen, tap Sign in to FB. The game will then load your account.

Hopefully, this helped. Let us know if you need an Apple ID person. :slight_smile: