Switched time zones and lost daily login

:roll_eyes:I recently drove from Atlanta to Seattle, however i didn’t receive my daily login (I’m up to 365 days straight) I’m not sure if it has to do with switching time zones, this happened to me last year but didn’t click until today. How can I receive my daily login bonus

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I would send a ticket in, hoping they would honor it, you can do this by opening the game, click your profile picture and than click the help button

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I’m traveling to Australia in December and passing through the international date line and worried this will happen to me too. I thought about sending a help ticket in before I go but it probably won’t do any good until after it happens. Sure like to know what they say.

@Diane_Chinea you can try or wait to see if it will happen, they fixed it for me thanks to @Tracy for the advice

Good to know as there te a few having this issue!