Suggestions to the developers.

I would like to suggest 2 special wild cards besides the basic wild card. The 2 special wild cards can be called “The Doubler” and “The Tripler”. They would be used in a game when a player has 2 or 3 cards of the same face value. For example, I can use The Doubler to eliminate a pair of kings (or a pair of any playing cards) off my game board or I can use The Tripler if I have three aces (or three of any other playing cards on my board) to eliminate those cards. You can allow players to earn them as well as sell them in your coin and card packages. Their value can be the same as a volcano card which is more than a basic wild card. This would add more challenge to the games in trying to win them. Just a suggestion. It would be great to see it happen! Love the game! I am a club leader and have been playing for 1 year and 8 months now. Thanks for creating a awesome fun game!


@Gia_Giachetti Welcome!
I like your suggestion. You need to submit it to Customer Support.

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