StriveforRest Help create the Team U Want

Looking for at least 5 new players!

Strive4Rest -We are a consistent Platinum team. We are perfect if you like finishing all the Perks (extras too with the right teammates) and have a team that understands it is a game and you have a life- but you love to play!

We expect 20K min for the week (our top 10 usually hit about 25k and our Top 5 are always in the 30’s or more) 10K by Sunday. 300 Tributes. 100 of those by Sunday. Our Current Perk order is 1,2,6,3,5,4,. We are working on Perk 6 by Friday afternoon. And complete by Sunday with the right team in place.

We Chat, buy gifts, finish Club Quests (again with strong players) and the Team creates the Club Expectations- so we are in it together!

We are trying to grow to the next level. We also know it is just a game. If you communicate with us what is happening we are very flexible. I think we could grow, and move up to the next level, if we find the right teammates to join - and we are only short a couple of perfect teammates.

We have about 15 awesome players! We are working on making our bottom 10 even stronger. If this sounds like a Team where you could commit and really feel like your contribution makes a difference, please check us out!

Whatever you do- look over Club Expectations and check out the Chat of any Clubs you are thinking of joining. You will get a feel for the Club and find the right fit. Good Luck!!