Strive4Rest Rebuilding!

Tri peaks

We are a solid Team ready to rebuild!

Strive4Rest -We were a consistent Platinum team. In the last two months we have lost several players who could not fulfill their commitment or left for a Diamond Team. We are now down to 13 STRONG vets and we toggle between Gold and Platinum.

We are perfect if you like the potential to get all the Perks (extras too with the right teammates) and have a team that understands it is a game and you have a life- but you love to play!

We expect 20K min for the week (our top 10 usually hit about 25k and our Top 5 are always in the 30’s or more) 10K by Sunday. 200 Tributes. 75 of those by Sunday.

Our Ideal Perk order is 1,2,6,3,5,4,. Traditionally, we are working on Perk 6 by End of Thursday. And complete by Sunday or Monday with the right team in place. Currently, we are striving to go back to this norm.

We Chat, buy gifts, finish Club Quests (again with strong players) and the Team creates the Club Expectations- so we are in it together! I think this is what makes us so unique. I never make unilateral decisions. I also quickly promote committed players! Our current Team has players that have been with us for over two years! And we do not allow DRAMA. We like to have fun and to be inclusive.

We are trying to grow to the next level. We also know it is just a game. If you communicate with us what is happening we are very flexible. I think we could grow, and move up to the next level, if we find the right teammates to join - and we are only short a couple of perfect teammates.

We have about 13 awesome players! We are working on making our bottom 10 even stronger and are getting closer every week.

If this sounds like a Team where you could commit and really feel like your contribution makes a difference, please check us out!

Whatever you do- look over Club Expectations and check out the Chat of any Clubs you are thinking of joining. You will get a feel for the Club and find the right fit. Good Luck!!