Strive4Rest looking for great fit!

We are a solid Team that has had ONLY two openings in the last for months!

Strive4Rest -We are a consistent Platinum team. Four months ago we combined two good teams into one INCREDIBLE Team! These are our first two vacancies. This is rare!

We are perfect if you like the potential to get all the Perks (extras too) Gems from successful Digs, and are committed to completing Tribute Trappers all while having a team that understands it is a game and you have a life- but you love to play!

We expect 20K min for the week (our top 10 usually hit about 25k and our Top 5 are always in the 30’s or more) our top players clear 50K weekly. 10K by Sunday. Also, we expect 200 Tributes per week. 75 of those by Sunday.

Our Ideal Perk order is 6,3,1,2,5,4,. Traditionally, we work on Perk 6 first and have the GT by Sunday. And complete the rest by Monday, Tuesday, latest. We want to maintain that success with the right Teammates!

We Chat, buy gifts, finish Club Quests (again with strong players) and the Team creates the Club Expectations- so we are in it together! I think this is what makes us so unique. I never make unilateral decisions. I also quickly promote committed players! Our current Team has players that have been with us for over two years! And we do not allow DRAMA. We like to have fun and to be inclusive.

We are happy staying in Platinum. Because we know it is a game and should be fun. But we want our continued successes to stay on track. We do have high expectation that teammates follow our requests for Club play. If you communicate with us what is happening we are very flexible. But only if you let us know ASAP. That way we can plan to cover for you if needed. We have a Team FB page that helps with communication. We also give great tips!

If this sounds like a Team where you could commit and really feel like your contribution makes a difference, please check us out!

Whatever you do- look over Club Expectations and check out the Chat of any Clubs you are thinking of joining. You will get a feel for the Club and find the right fit.

We are invite only so you will want to ask for an invite if you think we are your winning fit!

Good Luck!!