Strive4Rest looking for a new player

Strive4Rest - We currently have an opening for only one player- but we want the right fit. We are a consistent Platinum team. 12K min for the week (our top 10 usually double that number and our Top 5 are always in the 40’s) 4K by Saturday. 250 Tributes. 50 of those by Saturday. Our Current Perk order is 1,2,3,6,4,5 but we usually have an elite Team of five work to complete Perk 4 at the same time the rest of us chip away atPerk 6. We usually are working on Perk 6 by Thursday. We Chat, buy gifts, finish Club Quests, and the Team creates the Club Expectations- so we are in it together! We are trying to grow to the next level. However, we also know it is a game. If you communicate with us what is happening in your life we are always understanding. For example: team members were out of town this month, one had a close friend die, and one is dealing with flooding- but we are still in 30th place. And their position with the Club is safe. I think we could grow, and move up to the next level, if we find the right team member. Whatever you do- look over Club Expectations and check out their Chat. You will get a feel for the Club and hopefully we will all find the right fit. Good Luck!!