Streaming Gameplay

So, I set my phone up so I can stream my gameplay on twitch and Facebook. I streamed 6 or 8 times, going about things as I always do when I play. I would announce, on our team chat, that I was live streaming.

Anyway, when they watched the stream, they saw I viewed chat while streaming. What I didn’t think of is that the team did not like the team chat was being streamed on Facebook and Twitch.

I logged on and found I wasn’t on team anymore. So, I went through the top 200 teams looking for a new club and the first few wouldn’t take me. Two teams in a row brought me in and said “we’ve heard about you…so, bye” and kicked me out.

Moral of the story, be very careful if you stream your gameplay. Make sure your team knows and avoid viewing team chat while streaming!


You bet! I think I would be wary too, there are thousands of clubs you find one that matches you! Also if you look under recruitment here teams post searching for members


@TriPeaksJim, you might also create your own post in club recruitment, stating that you are looking for a club who wouldn’t mind game play and chat being streamed live. Remember to give your qualifications, such as weekly points, daily player, etc.

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