Streak & Prizes

So now if we don’t get all 3 stars for the streak we don’t earn the star. That’s crazy! We used to earn the star if we got to the 1st or 2nd bar. Also the prizes aren’t worth what we have to give. It’s not worth playing 12 games at 3,000 coins each game to only win 5,000 coins. That’s common sense not to even try to okay that challenge. And that’s just one example. Rewards should be greater than what you are spending.


I’ve always had to get all three bars under the streaks to get that star;
one star for a win
another star for a win within the time
another star for a win with a full streak bar

The coins you earn change depending on the level and tournament you are at as well has your previous history on quests. Today I had play 15 games for 15k and I had a win 4 for 20k coins. For play 12 games for 3k coin, you could easily play Level 1 twelve times at a very low cost so the return is pretty good. In other cases, I do make the decision to not do the quest if it’s not worth it or if it conflicts with another goal I’m working on.


I have been playing this game since it came out. There’s been many changes over the years but the streak star has always required the entire bar to be filled. If you really need the streak star for the quest you’re working on, use the streak doubler for a quick boost.


Yeah you can play level 1 12 times but you won’t keep getting red stars or that many points neither I don’t think

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that’s correct but it depends on what your objective is. The best situation is when you can earn tributes and red stars and you win it.

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It’s always been that way with the streak bar. The difference is instead of the missing star being on the end it’s in the middle. But it’s the same, you only get two stars for not filling up the whole bar. The position of the star really makes no difference