Streak Doublers by CD

Grab n Go for Streak Doublers
has stopped. It stopped for everyone in my club who got it every week. Is this just their way of making us spend more on digs?

A lot of things are gone now:

The Great Race
High Skies
Tiki Rescue multiplier
Those 5 day Events for a chest

Anything that benefits us they remove.

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The multiplier will be back. It was a bad update that made the multiplier come and go. They said there should be a fix soon

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It seems they test alot of variety some of those things could have been in test mode, maybe we will see them in the future and maybe not .
I do think I’m pretty fed up with the icon chasing events that seem to be the regular thing at this time. But I just skip them…
You can still build coins and boosters by playing smarter not harder.
Best of luck to you

The regular offers to watch a video for coins (or other reward) are still coming through, but the videos never play. I keep getting a “videos are unavailable right now” message.

No matter how many times I try to watch the video again, nothing. :angry: