Still looking for a new club

Hi I’m looking to join a new club. The one I am in doesn’t help much with perks and quests. I love the game and am it very often. I have a 3 year old and expecting a little one in a few days but I will be on as much as I can to at least do my part. I will notify you if I can’t be on the game because I’m busy but I’m usually playing a lot through out the day. I just want to play with people who want to go far in the game.


Have you replied to any of the teams on here looking for players?

Congrats! Come to Tripeaks FunZone! See our post above

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Widow(ers) club needs dedicated team players…10k points weekly min per player, 24 hrs max idle,(unless you let us know before hand that you’ll be out so you’re not removed), participate in club quests, must have name,(no guests), must read chat & club notes…must have FUN!!! We have a fun club.

Aloha, Have you found a club yet? Tiki Ohana is in need of new club mates. You can read about us in this week’s Club Spotlight! We also have a club FB page, Tiki Ohana TriPeaks Solitaire \…/

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