Spotlight Facebook Fan Page

I can’t help but feel disappointed that players would hijack my favorite post on Facebook the player spotlight.
Ok I get it, players are frustrated with the game for whatever reason, but why highjack such a wonderful post, and post angry rude comments.
I enjoy reading about other players and I actually looked forward to postitve comments in regards.

Please have some respect, leave your feedback here in the forum as per the Community Guidelines
That includes NO abbreviated swears or roundabouts, you can get your point across without being vulgar. You may also email, or through the help button on the game.
PLEASE be fair to the winning player on the spotlight and don’t be rude and hijack their post, you ruin it for me, and if I were lucky enough to be chosen, I surely would be displeased with such posts and I can’t speak for anyone else but I just shake my head and think how rude is that.
If you cannot say anything kind to the winner, say nothing at all.


I agree people need to appreciate what they do have