Special wild cards

I have been getting some “special” wild cards in some tableaus where they show a volcano or a melting card superimposed over the wild. I don’t know how to take advantage of them…


Its a glitch that hasn’t been fixed yet.


Agree …glitch…
Iv seen them also


Yes, I wondered what was going on too!

if they are in the game your playing and you’ll get what is on the card…like wild…free cards etc…all you have to do is click on the card once the card is playable

No it’s basically on top of another card! The one I frequently get is the burning torch on top of a wild card… but when you click it, it’s just a wild yet it looks like 2 cards superimposed over each other.


I agree, I have clicked on each card twice and they only act as a wild. Just more nonsense from the creators. I wish they would spend time fixing glitches, like the game freezing or kicking me out mid game, ect.

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Amen to that. But they’ll just keep adding more crap to the game and ignore the goofs.

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The wild cards with fire on them will remove a iced card or can be played as a regular wild card


I’m glad I’m not the only one. I’ve been trying to figure out how to unlock the volcano or melting card…I thought perhaps if I win the game, I would win that as an extra booster, but that’s a big Nope.


Thanks, good to know!

Absolutely that’s the way it is in the gaming worldstrong text

It’s a glitch. Kind of like a double exposure on a picture

Wow… good to know! Now if I could only one in a stage that has ice! Thanks for the tip!