Special Events and Relay count towards daily quest

I think that when we are doing special event and relay games, the points we ordered for streak completion and other items should be eligible towards daily Quest goals. When we play these events we lose out on time to complete daily Quest goals and this is frustrating. Sometimes you have to choose to do one or the other it would be lovely to be able to combine points and required cards ( is hearts, clubs etc) complete Quest at the same time.


@Dstny79, welcome to the forum! I agree. I wish the special game efforts helped the overall club. I would suggest you also submit a help request in the game. They like to receive feedback from players. I must say, I’ve enjoyed the additions they’ve made of the relay and rescue Mission!


That’s right, if they counted I would never play a single regular game again… errr… hmmm… Ooooh… That’s why.

I so agree with you on this , many of my friends in the club have all stated this as well

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Thank you so much!! I will definitely drop that request :wink: I appreciate your input. I love the newest relay changes and added special events as well! It’s nice to swap events back and forth when you hit a losing streak lol.

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It would nice if they had a no relay please check mark. I play for club points, I’m not interested in any event that takes me away from that.


I do understand what you mean… I often skip events and relays because they don’t count towards club points, red stars and daily goals…


I stopped participating with relays because it wasn’t helping my team. I enjoy the relays and had a streak of 15. But no more.

I find that the change in the relay game only makes you run out of coins faster then you’re not able to get back to helping your team. Of course you can BUY MORE COINS. Oops, that’s their goal. But you do get done good helpers, double club points, volcano, etc

Yes, that is a bonus.

I also agree with relays going towards daily quest goals.

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we all feel that way. But they won’t change it unless people stop playing them. And probably not even then.