Special Event Portrau

Can you update the holiday portraits for 2018?
When I joined facebook, I lost my holiday badges in the game & we can’t earn them this year:frowning:
Example: St Pats day portrait today


I like getting those too @Lisa_Smiles


I like this idea also had a glitch last Easter and was not given the option to win badge. It is the only one I am missing have gotten all other badges in the whole book. Kind of aggravated I am missing one and cannot make it up!!

Awww, a make up day would be nice!


How do you earn the Holiday Badges? I see them on the first page of my album, but don’t know how to get them. They show a requirement to earn, but no matter how much I seem to fulfill it, I never get one.

Just realized that the Holiday events badges or Special event badges were last available in 2017. Wondering why they aren’t available to earn now? And if they aren’t going to be offering them, then why have that page at all in the albums of those of us who have started playing after 2017?

@Goldenreign, TriPeaks stopped offering holiday badges a long time ago.

I hope that’s something they bring back someday! I enjoyed getting those!

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I think they haven’t tackled revamping that whole album yet. I’m sure that would be a big job!

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