Sometimes I Hate This Game

This thing has gotten lately to where it frustrates me more than I enjoy it. It will leave one card so I try the extra cards and get nothing so I tried the second set of extra cards and now I get nothing out of those. I generally do that when I’m already frustrated and it just ticks me off more.

I had a game a couple of days ago where not one single card came off the board. I sent a message about it and got told, “too bad, it’s working right” so I lost 3000 coins for no score which made me mad too. I’d quit this but the group I’m in lost a member to death, she has been sick for a long time so it was not the virus, this past week and I don’t feel right quitting from out of the blue.

I’m just aggravated so I needed to vent.

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I’ve had that happen 2 times before, and just sat there with my mouth open, saying REALLY? I completely understand venting. When my game isn’t going well, I take a break, and come back later. That usually helps me.


Iv come to realize I like to use the momo button when I have 30mins FREE for daily prize.


Wie oft kommt dieses Problem vor das eine Karte bleibt,leider immer viel zu viele davon das einen dann ärgert…Und das man auch oft mal keine Karte weg bekommt kommt auch mal vor,aber das zum Glück nur seltener…

Da gibt es schlimmeres was einen oft verärgert oder so,da finde ich das als eines der kleineren “Probleme” ! ! !


Card remains, unfortunately always too many of it, which then annoys you …

There are worse things that often annoy you or something, I think that’s one of the smaller “problems”! ! !


Thank you for the translation @Tracy! I agree @Palim_Palim, that is a smaller problem.


What is the momo button

Sorry I did use a incorrect term…it is actually called “more cards”
You receive it as a daily prize the double the amount when you have 30 min extra more cards.
Here is a picture, the button is circled in Red.