Something is happening to my game

Um is anybody else’s game acting in slow motion it’s almost as if its digital. IDK but its baffling


I’ve had to close the game and reopen it, this newest update has been a hot mess for everyone! Also white clouds all I get is white clouds at times, so you are bot alone!


Yes, and white clouds too. Best to just close and open the game again.
Gotta love the updates…NOT!

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My question to them is “why fix what ain’t BROKE”?? LOL


I not only experience occasional slow play, but have had an ongoing game frozen, and the game closes itself. When I reopen it, the game I was playing has closed, and I have to pay for a new game. This is particularly annoying when I am almost finished with the game and appear to be winning! Last night the game froze, and the screen went to blank gray, while the music continued, even when I tried to turn the tablet on which I was playing off. Repeated attempts to reopen the game were unsuccessful, but the tune continued and lulled me to sleep! Has anyone else experienced this?

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Many times. For me I chalk it up to bad luck and move on, however annoying it can be. Others have suggested contacting the game to recover the lost spent coins on the level.

Yes i contacted them but to no avail. It’s a joke to contact them. My daily login bonuses are showing up a various times, coins seem to disappear, slow mo cards, and some odd looking cards too.


Good luck getting coins back! Very rare occurance, and it is never as much as you lost!!

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The same is happening to me, slow motion cards (I thought I was losing my mind!) and the game closing on me when I’m in the middle of playing, etc…it’s so frustrating!

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Oh and my favorite is when they do answer you that they tell you that your coins are all accounted for lmao no there not I wouldn’t have filed a claim to get them back if they were omg this game kills me sometimes and isn’t this there official site too you know they know were talking about them lil


And my game is moving in camera mode is what I call it :movie_camera::crazy_face:

Yep, I’m having all kinds of problems too. If it keeps up I think we all should just leave and find a better game to play. Anyone have any suggestions for good games to change to?

I keep getting kicked off, game just disappears and I have to log in again, sometimes I lose a whole game play. I’ve tried everything and I don’t have any problems with other downloaded games so I know it’s not my phone. It’s so very frustrating!! I’m losing coins and games! Am I the only one experiencing this?

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My RCA tablet does that ALL the time! I have to clear cache, empty junk, and boost the device! STP is the only thing I installed! I have LOTS of space! I don’t have the problem with my phone.

Yep, that’s my favorite too. They act like your literally stealing virtual coins that has either been earned, bought or won. But these fake coins are as valuable as real cash they get from swindling players. Why do they think a few thousand coins that are rightfully requested to be replaced that were wrongly tooken from a player is just as valuable or equivalent to the real thing they were given?

I agree…the “developmental technical support team” should worry more abpot making things correct, rather than updating a game that was fine! Games have “stuck” and been “slow” many times.
Let’s go on to the irritation of the FRIEND CENTER TESTING that has gone on since Dec.2, 2019. One can only request coins every 8 hrs, instead of 4. A loss of 30,000 coins a day! It has been 45 days of this, not being able to meet some quests, etc. I feel they should compensate for losses - which would be over a million coins now! But, when asked to be removed from testing…Armani, the tech support, reply was it should be over soon…sorry you are having trouble with the app!!! I asked…“Do you value your players or do you not care if we quit?” I got no response!

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I have had problems with being kicked out of games for more than a year. They think it’s my Apple device, I do not experience problems in other games or anywhere else I am.

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Just asked friend center for a measly 1,000 coins back because the stupid game crashed (again) They won’t even reimburse 1,000 coins!!! Just the standard ‘force stop’ bullhucky and how to do it…seriously? 1,000? I wouldn’t even ask except every coin is precious now…

Check out the post…FRIEND CENTER PETITION…send a msg by participating in 1 DAY NO PLAY on 1/31/20!

Update: got the 1,000 coins back! Yippee! Whoo Hoo! that makes up for the 100,000+ coins I am missing out on since they stuck me with an 8-hour delay! Great math, GSN!

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