Something fishy

Excuse my scepticism, but does anyone else think that there is something very WRONG with club “hruhruhru”.

At the time of posting, the club was 6th with just 2 members. One member has 1.7m club points, just 4 days into the league.

Wow!! I’ll have to look at that. I usually don’t pay attention to what other clubs are doing, have enough problems keeping tabs on mine. :flushed:

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Omg. They are #3 now. Top player is gaining over 40,000 club points an hr! That have 20 members with under 4000 and 5 members with less than 100 club points. Someone needs to check this out. Really unfair to regulars. :frowning:

I just checked that club, they now are ranked 15,000 and their million point earner is gone. Busted and probably banned! Yay


Glad to see they are gone. I often wonder how it’s possible to do some of the stuff they do. And I play my ass off and will never get as much…

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I’m sure Tripeaks has a way to check algorithms and can see when someone is trying to get away with something like this.

They will probably never be able to cheat other teams from their rightful spot :slight_smile: