Solitaire junky: join us!

Solitaire junky has lost some members & is trying to build back. We request at least 21,000 club points weekly & 150 tributes. We were a platinum league club but usually gold lately. With a full roster we will be platinum again. We understand that you have a life, & we’re a nice group of people. We usually get 6 perks; when we have a full team we often get all 7. Once we again have 24 members, we will remove those who don’t consistently get 21,000 points in a week; but if someone usually does & just has a tough week, we understand. If you’re interested, please try us out!

I would like to try joining your group

Great, Karen! Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. Do you know how to join? If not: Go to Clubs (lower left of your screen), then Clubhouse. Then choose the “Discover” tab & search for Solitaire junky. Of those that pop up, we are 1st, & also the only one that comes up that has any points. Tap that one, then tap “Join Now”. Looking forward to having you join us!

Interested. How do you fair on cqs, tribs, and gem challenges? I don’t know if I could do 21K a well but 150 tribes might be doable. I love to chat. I do not like players with no names, i.e. ‘guest’.

Hi Jewelbn, We do want our players to get 21K a week. Do you think you’d be able to do that?

Hi, are you still looking for members? My team has kinda fizzled since losing some members. I usually get 25k+ a week and am a heavy tribute player.

No. I play every day but I don’t want to play more.

Solitaire junky is again seeking new members. We’ve been Platinum for years, but recently lost players and just dropped to Gold. 9000 points by Sunday, 21,000 for the week, 150 tributes. Dig is optional. We understand that you have a life, and allow excused players to not reach goals occasionally. We are a nice group of people, looking for others to join us!

Solitaire junky is again looking for new members. We’re a nice group of people. Solid Platinum team dropping to Gold every other week currently, due to loss of 5 members. Still 21,000 per week & 9000 by Sunday. 150 tributes, but 53 per tribute quest. Dig is optional; we play it for 1 shovel on weekend so everyone can win gems, & for 10 shovels on weekday. When full team we always get Golden Tiki start card back by Sunday. If you can play at these levels, come join us!

Hello, I’m interested! Currently I get around 15k club points but that is only because my current club focuses on the dig. I get 32-33 shovels every dig. When I did not contribute fully to the dig I ranged 25-30k club points. Always do the max on tribute trek. Looking for a club that communicates and feels like a team. Does your club chat?

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Wonderful! Yes, most of us chat. We’re a very nice group of people. Come join us! Do you know how?