Solitaire is rigged and corporate GREED has ruined this once fun game

AT one time, this was a fun game. Since Sony Entertainment bought them out last November 2019, they have gone downhill. The corporate greed is exuded through not being able to win a game without making a purchase for wilds, more coins etc. Levels used to pay out much higher amount in coins. Your new algorithms have shrinked our wins down to nothing. This is no longer fun. Our legend and #1 club will be leaving tonight. We are all boycotting until this goes back to pre-Nov 2019 days. If you do not make the changes, you will lose these players forever. I encourage you to look up my purchase history. You will see thousands of dollars and sometimes $1000 in one week. All that lost revenue is now gone, and possibly forever. Everyone on our team spent hundreds of dollars per week. Why are you so greedy as to ruin this game? There are so many out of work right now and so much bad in the world. This game was so much fun and we met so many people all over the world. IT was an outlet and let us all escape the crazy world and have fun with friends. I am devastated to leave but enough is enough. You all have enough of my money. I will NEVER pay so much to play again. You are forced to pay if you want to be a top team. Shame on you GSN. BOYCOTTING unless you change back to pre-Nov 2019.


Wait, WHAT? You spent how much?!?!? I’ve been playing this game for over a year, and while they have drastically cut down on coin return etc etc I have never had a need, or want for that matter, to actually spend real money just to play this game. I could play this game 24/7 and still have no need to pay for anything.
You’re right, they are in this for cold hard cash, but there ain’t no way I’m paying for anything that isn’t real or actually gives me something material in return.
Oh, and no matter how much you complain, they are not listening, again, it’s all about the money…new people who never knew the game any other way log in every day and they will fall for paying for literally nothing lol or figuring out you can play without needing to pay cash.
If this game becomes too much about literally needing to pay cash to play, I’ll just delete it.


i agree with you on this i have alot of problems with the game that i didnt have a couple years ago.


I completely agree 100%!!! This game is so rigged. Been playing off and on now for about a month. I played it quite some time back then had lost interest. Come covid pandemic I needed something to get my mind off everything. I have never in my life spent so much money on a game. Not gonna be playing much longer if they can’t back off a bit and let us players actually be able to play the game. So frustrated, fed up and down right annoyed with GSN


i agree they have made to many negative changes


On balance the game developers have made changes to the game that have reduced benefits to the players. Thay CAN’T be questioned. New additions have been balanced. Balanced, in the sense that the benefits are offset by the cost. So relay games, rescue missions, special events where extra chests are won after winning 4 or 9 regular events are great but you have to spend to play them and overall they cost more in coins than what you get back.

However a good player should not have been significantly negatively impacted by these changes. In other words the freebies you get from the game should be more than enough to offset the additional costs.

The key point is people have to choose between spending real money to stay at a higher level or not spending and dropping down a level. So for example maybe in the old days people could make 200k points a week spending very little money but now have to spend a lot of money to maintain 200k points a week. That’s a choice that, that same person can make to decide to drop down to … I dunno 60k points a week at the same spending rate but are refusing to do so. So instead of adapting to the new reality people are complaining about what they once had or they are not realizing that they’ve unconsciously made that choice.

[New edit] I’m sure this wasn’t done on purpose and the analogy makes me sound very critical, where as I am not. But I realized this is sort of like how drug dealers/companies get you addicted. The first one is free but the next one will cost ya. By making such an addictively fun game easier in the beginning and theyln taking away benefits older players would feel more harmed than relatively newer players like me who never saw the good life and have already adapted to the recent changes fairly easily.


I also have decided to not play their game. I am collecting coins in case I decide to play again; however at this time it is unlikely.
It’s really a shame, this was a very nice,fun game at one time.


I agree with LeeMarie. I’ve only spent my own money twice, when I’ve bought club gifts, and then only when they were offering double gifts. Most of the time I can play for as long as I like using coins I get for quests etc and from the friend centre. If I’m really desperate for coins I’ll watch a few ads. I love this game and I don’t worry when I lose. I certainly wouldn’t buy boosters. I’ll wait until I earn them.


I am not desperate for coins. I have plenty. I am desperate for a win. The changes they have made made it impossible to win. There are no levels anymore where you can actually earn more coins than what you pay to play if you do not win. I used to be able to play several levels over and over…even if I lost, I still built coins. Not anymore. Every single level to build my coins was ruined and if I lose, I lose coins…if I win, I barely gain. What is fun about that?


I also have noticed it’s harder to win and losses are more costly now (I used to make back the cost of a game if I could get the streak star). The treasure shrine sucks, the rescue missions and scavenger hunts also suck.


The change to the treasure shrine was devastating used to be able to get boosters and wilds. Now it never lands in the wild slots almost always 500 coins. Rescue mission is fun but wish it earned club points. Takes up too much time to not be helping my club.


I used to play Rescue Mission when I had coins to spare but went without playing it last time. Only played 3 levels this time: 1st coz of free play, nxt 2 coz of nxt prizes. I enjoy getting free undo & club point doublers. Level 4 wz for max 15k coins but I stopped after doubler coz nvr got max every time I tried for that.


Well, I think I actually understand why winning is harder and payoffs are lower now - they have people willing and able to spend thousands of dollars to play/win!? Good grief, it’s a GAME. And essentially a free game at that. I am beyond astounded.


My daily personal bonuses keep resetting themselves. I haven’t missed a day in over a year and yet I’m on day 25ish for about the 7th time since they changed. I’ve contacted them several and have yet to hear anything from them about fixing this or any compensation. I refuse to pay any money to them when they are all for profit and not for fun.


You said exactly what my club and I have been saying for months. While we aren’t and never will be a Legend level club, we are a Diamond level club. I started my club in July 2016. We have been Diamond since Dec 2018. The torture, as I call it, is never ending. The impossibility to win a game naturally is as awful as this damn virus and quarantine. One thing I have never and will never do is spend real money. They will not ever get a penny from me! I have almost 24million coins and over 100 chests sitting in my Inbox unopened. I will never want for coins. But I am desperate for wins and FUN!!! I’ve written to the game ppl (as I call them) about how un-fun the game is and how much we hate it. The only reason my club and 2/3 of my members are still playing is because of each other. We are a Tiki Family and truly care about each other. We all wish they’d revert bk to the days of old…when they were fun!!! Wise up you greedy


I agree with you 100%. I’ve been playing this game almost since it started. It used to be brilliant. I was wary when they brought the clubs in but joined one, then another until I found the real ones where people are friendly and play as a team. Then as you say, Sony took over. Games got harder and the ways to try and get you to spend money increased massively. Now that’s all the game is about. Rigged adverts, a treasure shrine that gives practically nothing anymore, constant temptations to get you to buy coins to finish scavenger hunts etc. The higher you go, the fewer tributes etc on lower levels and much harder to win You’re asked to let them know about glitches but they just slap you back with the force close & reboot crap, the fact that several teammates have the same issues and live in different countries, it’s still your WiFi. There is an issue with apple devices, they keep crashing out, sometimes several times a day, but no, close, reboot, WiFi.
If this game is to continue, they do need to go back to pre November 2019. They will make far more money being upfront and honest than conniving & money grabbing.
Oh and of course it’s Not rigged, but when you complain or publicly criticise like this, you can’t win a game for weeks, it gets worse because they Do monitor chat and they don’t like the negative comments. Sony/GSN put this game back to the way it was and I will definitely be singing your praises, that’s a promise!


I have already commented in the past about their greed. This game used to be fun, but when you have to spend tons of money just to win a game, it’s not. Most games will let you gradually get a little bit ahead, not this one. You have to pay twice as much as you win. I am spending down my coins until I have zero. Don’t think it’s going to take too long.

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Im totally in agreeance with you Angie. Im a pretty good player but can’t stand it when you have 1-2 cards left and they give you NOTHING even when you get extra cards to finish the play so I just feel the NEED to BUY wild cards or volcanos for the win. I guess some people just take the game more seriously than others or are just more competitive. It’s the only game I play on my phone so I’m ok with putting a little bit of money out, but lately, you are soooo right, it’s ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. I cant even get a flash sale for $9.99 or $14.99 anymore because I bought the larger deal for $24.99 a few times in the past cpl weeks. It’s crazy. Not to mention they make it so hard to get a free booster sometimes. It’s just getting ridiculous. I LOVE the game and I really don’t wanna stop playing, so I guess I’ll just work harder at being an even better player so I don’t give them any more money!!

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I play this game for fun I have not spent one penny on it and I’m in Serenity Springs four steps from the end I just wait until they add more and play again I have plenty of money saved up I have over 20 Wild Card no volcano card they are hard to add the way I play the game there are tricks to it it as you all know and that’s how I survive without having to pay


Could not have said it better myself. FAKE GAME AND FAKE REWARDS should never equal real money being spent. Only time I do is on double gift days.
GSN does get money from advertising as well.