Solid platinum club looking for 3 new members

Salty365+ is looking for members who do at least 4000/day. We are a friendly, laidback group with a solid core who have been together for more than a year. We are a platinum team, usually in the top ten and get all perks quickly every week. We have an 18-hour idle rule, and you’ll really enjoy being on our team during gift weeks! We would love to welcome a few reliable players to our team. Search for salty365+

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I need a new club that actually completes quests! And shares coins often. I play daily and usually or 50,000 coins a day.

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Our group is very active with sharing coins, and we complete most club quests. We ask for a minimum of 4000 club points per day, and max 18 hour idle time. Search for salty365+. No caps or spaces.

Or you can let me know your current team and playing name and I can send you an invite.