So Solitaire Tripeaks did it again DAILY BONUS

Solitaire Tripeaks did an automatic update without my permission. The next day back to day one on the Daily Bonus after 872 days. They say I missed a day - I don’t miss a day.
They don’t want to fix it either back to Day 873 or Day 876 - they say it is my fault.
I say it is their fault.
Does the help desk ever get things right. That they REFUSE, YES REFUSE to put me back where I was before they knocked me down after an UNWANTED UPDATE.


Ask them to show you the ledger where you missed a day.

Ok. So I was robbed of placement bc they didn’t properly count my games played (the QC at the time). They told me to screen shot or video any discrepancies. How is that possible as you’ve already played and played without checking your progress… turning into something I should stop questioning and just quit. Better apps out there.


I had same issue I also got same answer

have you asked to have it reviewed by a supervisor? showing you proof

There Customer service sucks it’s never their fault it’s always your fault whether you have bad Internet service or you don’t have the latest version of the game but they have never owned up to a screwup

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Sorry for everyone who has these types of issues. We all have at one time or another and it’s never our fault. As for the automatic update, that’s a setting you have in your phone. It’s something easily turned off. I never have automatic updates on ever. And this is a good example why. ESP with all the additional nightmarish issues ppl are having with the last couple updates of the game. I have t updated since the last time they forced me to. I don’t even have the option to dig which is fine by me. I would find the setting in your phone and turn OFF automatic updates. Good luck!!!

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I can’t find any such setting on my phone. I’ve looked in several categories.

Soooo not okay for them to treat so poorly a long time player like you!!! It’s always OUR fault and never their’s according to them! I have one player on my team who crashes 10-30x a day but of course it’s never their fault.

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Idk what kind of phone you have. I have an iPhone. It’s under Settings. iTunes/App Store. Switch OFF the App Updates.

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Awesome I found it! Many thanks!!

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They used to have better customer service before they became Sony gamemakers. Ask to speak to supervisor of responder.Brian was helpful when i could not get problem resolved

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Unreal, because on other errors isn’t it amazing how they can see the exact time an error happened and compensate. They did this to me after telling me to remove myself from the game and re enter, that I wouldn’t lose anything. Guess what, I had to start over like a newbie. Gone we’re my 3,000,000 coins and everything else. They insisted I had another account. I didn’t.

I totally agree!! I love the game and I love my team because I’ve been the leader for almost 2 years and don’t want to let them down! However their customer service is terrible! they always argue with every complaint, comment or question, by claiming it’s your fault! What ever happened to “the customer I always right”???They booted me off of my team in May, thankfully my team brought me back and remade me the team leader, but the games customer service ALWAYS says it’s your fault and never replace what you lost! It’s not even worth wasting your time to file a complaint because they NEVER fix it or replace it no matter how much money you’ve put into it!

Amy what do you mean they booted you from your team? I have a team mate that the game removed her from our team and she us unable to even log in. She gets a message to contact support but that was Friday and they’re not responding. It says her account was flagged.

Once I proved that the deletion came exactly the day “after” the TriPeaks update, they gave me back not to the day I should have been, but to the Day I was booted - #873. Said it was a one time deal. I hope it is for me and them.
Thank you all for the suggestions - I will make sure that the auto-update is turned off on my phone and tablets.
This just tells you -don’t quit fighting for what they want to take away.

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Game is expensive and they want everything :pensive:

I understand what you are saying. But the bottom line is that they don’t care. Do you really think that they care if you go away. All they want is for us to pay money to get extras such as lives, and all their sale specials

I’m so sorry it took so long for me to respond! I don’t know why, but I just now saw your question.
I’m not really sure what happened. I logged into the game one day from the same device that I always do, and I was on a completely different team! I sent a message and like always, they said it was “my fault” and that I would have to wait until the next weekly cycle started before I could rejoin my team and have one of my Co-leaders promote me back to Leader. Thankfully we are a very close team and have exchanged phone numbers so I was able to let my teammates know what was going on!
I didn’t understand why I had to wait until the next week or how “I left the team”! I even told Tripeaks that I hadn’t even been logged in when I was removed! It was still “my fault” and they refused to answer my questions! I just kept getting the same generic messages.
After I was able to return to my team, thankfully I didn’t lose coins, but I did lose my start date. I joined December of 2018 and now it says I joined May of 2020. I’ve asked them several times to put my start date back to its original day. Of course I was once again told there was nothing they could do to change it back.
I got even more upset when they made all the changes to make it look more “pretty” & I sent them another message asking if they were capable of doing that, why couldn’t they go back and see my time on the game and make it accurate? Of course, I got the same response as I’ve gotten every time in the last 2+ years, there was nothing they could do about it!
The same thing happened to 2 other players on my team at different times. When I tried to question Tripeaks on their behalf, I was told that my teammates had to make their own inquiries so they could view the individual accounts. I understand that. However, when they did they got the same results I had gotten.
They never help. They never take responsibility for anything! And they certainly don’t fix or replace anything! It’s always the players fault! I finally gave up trying to contact them about anything!