Smiles for tiki new club

Smiles for tiki is on its second week as a team. We came from a top 25 group and decided to venture out, we are making our way back up! We are looking for fun team members, players who will make 50k+ perk end, help with perks and quests, daily players, and communication. Come check us out you wont be disappointed :slight_smile:

Still in the peocess of building our new club Ms B’s Misfits. We are looking for players who play daily and want to be part of our team. Our requirements are not high and there is no reason u cannot meet these requirements and are expected to complete. Requiremenrs are: 10k per wk./100 tributes per wk./ 24 hr idle time unless club is notified/1k b4 going idle. Must read chat and communicate with the club. We want only the players who are addicted to playing and winning.