Skyz the Limit, positive teamspirit, questfocussed, looking for likeminded players

We have some spots available in our team Skyz the Limit at reset due to members taking a break.

Our team focusses on full teamwork from all (we have awesome teamwork and a friendly relaxed positive teamspirit), completing perks and quests (we complete quests within 12-18hrs since we all love to play them). Leagues/ranks are just a bonus but we’re always top diamond/low legend although we stayed in legend for a few weeks now. Not because we strived for it, it happened😅

We ask at least 4k within 12hrs after reset to help getting perk 6 done. We usually have it completed on Friday.
We ask at least 8k on Friday, other days 5k, 40k weekly, 0,75% of cp has to be tribs with a minimum of 600 tribs a week and we get tribs quest for 120/176 tributes, maxing quests, max idle 20hrs without notification.

We do have a fb group and teamchat on messenger where we announce when new quest started.
We are not a super chatty team, we play more🙃

Life can happen, communication is key for teamwork in any way. Rules are enforced but exceptions can allways be made.

If this sounds interesting and you can meet our requirements then send me a pm to find out if we might be a good fit both ways to avoid disappointment after joining. image

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