Skylands question

Curious if anyone else has this issue with Skylands:
I played Season 1 to level 225. When Season 2 started the gold stars that are for the star bonus were already filled in for me. Other teammates told me theirs was reset and they were again collecting the star bonus chests. Now Season 3 has begun and the stars are again filled in already.
I contacted support and they responded that what I’m experiencing is not supposed to happen and to reinstall, clear cache, force stop, yadda yadda… Did that and nothing changed. Then they requested screenshots which I submitted. THEN they requested a video of me playing a game and not getting the stars to count toward the star bonus chest and I did that too. I waited 4 days and finally a generic response basically saying thanks for reporting it and they sent it off the the development team to review. Nothing since from support and I’m feeling a bit furious over it.
Is this affecting anyone else or just me? Just curious if anyone has had this happen and have figured out how to fix this. Thanks!
The screenshot here is Skylands Season 3 before I played the 1st level and you can see the stars filled in where they shouldn’t be.

Update: I found a message in my inbox just now saying thanks for my patience while they continue looking into it and gave me all my star chests earned in season 2 so I’m grateful for that but still hoping this can get solved.