Sisters N Brothers has a opening

Sisters N Brothers is looking for a new member. We are a VERY relaxed club. We have no minimum but do expect you to play. We have a few rules… must not be idle for more then 2 days unless one of the leaders know. Everyone has lives we know this is just a game, if you need to be gone for more then 2 days just drop one of us a message. We communicate through FB messenger so you must have messenger. We have a group chat that we post links for free coins & chat with each other. We are a close group that is looking for someone that is going to stay. If what I have described sounds like a good fit for you, please message me. Thank you!!!


Hi! I’m a brand new player. Not sure I understand all the club & perk stuff yet but I will play every day (or night…I work overnights so I have weird sleep patterns :drooling_face:)

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I am truly sorry to hear about your loss. I don’t think I am ready to be the replacement so I am not going to accept the friend request. Thanks for considering me. Hope your club does well.
God bless

Ok…well thanks anyway. Good luck!

Still want to join I was #15 in my group

I would love to have you. I don’t have a opening…and we don’t boot people unless they are dormant and do not contact us as to why. You are 1st on my list when we have a opening. I just hope you will still be available.:slight_smile:

I am going to be without a group unfortunately