SICK of all the GLITCHES!!!

I’ve been a steady player for over 2 years, and the only reason I keep playing now is because I like my other club members.

This is the 2nd night in a row that I’m getting “unknown error” messages. Last night, after slogging for days to get perk 6 finished, my Golden Tiki card disappeared. So did all the stars I’d earned. And when we got the daily rewards, I didn’t get any awards for the 3 perks we’ve finished. After a reboot, I got the Tiki and stars back. AFAIK, still no daily rewards.

Tonight, same thing, Tiki card: Gone. All read stars for this week: Gone. Entire Leaderboard: GONE! This time, when I tried rebooting twice, it didn’t do any good. I think maybe they didn’t come back last night till I’d won a game again, and earned new stars.

The game has been frequently freezing up and requiring constant reboots for many of us.
One of our best players got disconnected from the game, and it took him over TWO WEEKS working with player support to get back on!

I date these problems from when you resumed offering the Club Quests. And the Quest screen itself is a disaster. 90% of the time, the Quests show either loading, or 0 points toward the goal. Once you win, they usually award the prize, but it’s hard to keep track.

I think that, in their attempts to add new features to the game, GSN has exceeded the capacity to keep it all running. When I send an email to Support, I’m advised that the reply will take 3-4 days. This indicates to me that a LOT of us are having problems.

So either hire more tech support, or maybe pare back the game a bit. I’d rather have 8-10 features that work, than 12-15 that may or may not function.

Whether we spend a lot of money on coins and boosters or not, we, the players, YOUR CUSTOMERS, deserve a lot better than we’ve been getting lately!


So now my stuff is back again - crazy-making!

Nothing much lost, of course. Except for my goodwill. The time that is supposed to be my leisure, wasted on stress and restarts. And the opportunity costs: games I couldn’t win without the card; individual and Club Quests that weren’t won because they expired while I couldn’t play at full capacity; Perks delayed due to reduced club points earned.

These events are trivial. But when they happen day after day, week after week, they add up. And they significantly diminish the TriPeaks experience.

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As far as the quest progress boards, they really need to stop having them come up after every single game. It’s annoying, and like you said, don’t work 90% of the time. If I’m playing 95 games for club quest, it’s not gonna happen in 1 or 2 games, so why have the dang thing pop up every time? Same with any other quest. Also, if your doing 30 minutes of free play or Momo, etc., it takes up time we could be playing. We can always just pull it up from the icon. Geez, MAKE IT STOP! lol


Ditto to just about everything you said. I’m a new player and am just about ready to jump ship and find a game that doesn’t frustrate me. Leisure time is meant to be enjoyable. … glitches are everything but that.


Several of our club members are not receiving their perk gifts or their daily rewards. Their quests aren’t registering or their scores in the club house. This effects the whole club. We are Scarlett’s Rev. this is not fair at all! How do you compete like this?