Should I sign in?

When I started playing in December I signed in through Facebook and my facebook picture appeared in the game. But when I click on accounts it asks me to sign in:

Did I somehow get signed out but my photo remained? And if I sign in will I lose my progress? Ive seen so many posts recently of ppl losing everything and being forced back to the beginning.

Agree I would hate to lose everything,
You say u signed in when u 1st started,
Your profile pick is there,
I’d say that’s your Facebook acct.
But can understand your hesitation.

Have u played the game on another device threw Facebook and then switched back to that device? That is the only reason I would think it says that.

Best of luck.


Never played on another device. I sent in a ticket. I won’t get a new phone until next year but thought I’d ask now.

Update: I heard back from tech support and they said-

“We looked into your account, and we see that your game is connected to Facebook, which means you can log into the game using the same device or any device, so long as you’re logged into Facebook with that same device, without losing any progress.”

So just another glitch to add to the list. Whew.