Sheena's club is looking for new players

Sheena’s is looking for players. We are rebuilding our club & need new members. We play for fun & don’t have a lot of requirements. Check us out.

What are your requirements?

To be honest, I was not the original person to start this club. I inherited the leader position. There are no requirements. The ones left in the club just enjoy playing the game.

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That is what I need. I am thinking of joining after reset thursday

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Yea! I look forward to it. :wink:

Can you send me a request to join?

I’m very new to this. I will find out how. What is your user name?

Thankyou reset is Thursday midnight

Sue woessner by my pic

What is name of your club?

Okay, thanks, I’ll get it done.

Is the club name

I’m in the Grey jedi

I believe I sent you a request to join club. Ugh, it seems difficult to try & figure this stuff out

I know. I got invite will accept after Thursday midnight Thankyou look forward to relaxing

And playing to have fun

Yes, definately no pressures. Just have fun.

See you friday/Thursday midnight

:grin: sounds good. See you then.