ShakedownStreet needs daily players

Come join our new team!

Want to be a co-leader? Like No Drama? Love tripeaks but need a new team?
ShakedownStreet formed yesterday and we will get to the top!

Dose your team have any expectations from its players ?
Such as idle times, club quest you max, do you dig?

I play daily club Iā€™m does nothing littrrly

Do you use the chat to communicate with all the players? Require all players to have a pick a Name, instead of using Guest, as their name. Give us more details please.

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Coleaders should be made/promoted after proving themselves with longtime play, scoring, leadership abilities, LOYALTY and a trusted member .
NOT as ploy to join a club or it means nothing and you just have a bunch of randoms with fingers on the controls!

Its like hey want a free donut? Join our team! :roll_eyes: