SF Giants needs a new Crazy fun player!

Hey hey hey! I am the leader of the SF Giants my crazies call me Captain CooCooMel and I am looking for a player who is hard working but super fun and chatty. We thrive on morale and being friends. We are a crazy bunch who have eachothers back. We are fair and understand life happens so we are lenient usually about needing to be away. It is 23 hr max idle but more is usually ok as long as there is communication beforehand with myself or my sidekick (coleader) so i can warn the others. 25k minimum is required but more puts bigger smiles on our faces lol. Generally we rank between 150-225…we usually get all 7 perks but do have trouble getting the extreme perk 7 requiring 750k Extra pts sometimes. At the moment our rank is over 300 but dont let that deter you as obv we are down a player. Anyways sorry for writing a novel bwahaha<-(evil laugh) Please come be crazy with us!