Seriously!?! Wake up idiot game makers!

FYI I’m not playing your coin sucking mini tiki game! Just what is it that I’m getting that replaces all my used coins?

Event for today…I got catch poi 4 times in 24 hrs for crappy 3 wilds? Are you insane?? SO not worth it! And FYI I’m not playing it! Meanwhile my team mates get 450 clubs for SIX volcanos! Um, just where is the fairness in all of this?

I AM SICK OF YOUR “TESTING” game makers!!! Freaking finish up and get on with some FN fairness around here!!! We are all sick of your nonsense!!


ugh, same. This poi quest is like twice the work for like a tenth of the reward!


I got the same thing you did. The cost of earring this is astronomical and for 3 crappy wild cards. Don’t bother me. Just like scavenger hunt for kings, aces or whatever, play a marked game, win it and have none of the required cards in the game. Crap!

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So far I know two of us got the poi quest and neither of us are playing.

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I had the poi game also… I just found out from some teammates that they had the better quest.


Poi thing was a joke, I agree with that. I said no thanks!
But on the other hand I actually like the rescue mission tiki game. -don’t play to win the games just play the. the club points doubler is Awesome I used it on a tribute game and got 700 club points :blush:.
Another plus is if you win you get Gold stars added to your chest…
——there is one downfall it side tracks you from club points, which could cost your team a uprank in leagues on the last day of tournament.

  • I will admit I’m a little frustrated with all the testing too. But I fell the game is still fun.
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