Serious players tired of slackers

We play hard. We have fun. We enjoy friendly banter but are serious about the play rules. Check us out Be a Starr.

SPOT OPEN!!! Come join MOONBEAMS - rules are simple.

I am looking for a player to add to our teams top 5 to challenge us & help rank- currently 101 with a player down. Weekly minimum is 40K but we have a tendency to have fun competitions among ourselves…

If interested private message with your current club name/game name, I’ll send invite or request to join.

We are a family Essentially the ideal candidate will want that from a team. We will always have your back :heart:️.

Did you find someone

Are you looking? We will have another opening soon. Due to idle time violation.

Not yet have a spot if your ready. Be A Star is our group name.

Sunrise Paradise