Serious players only.

Group name , Flocking Birds…
We are diamond at the moment, but about to go back to platinum, we lost a few players for not being able to get or come close to our requirements. We do allow members to be gone if need be, we just ask to let us know, and we will honor that and make a note so your safe.

Alittle about us, we are a new group but have moved up fast. We love to play and have fun. Compete and active for sure. We chat, not everyone and that’s OK too, we do dig but only rule we have is that we follow and chat about were to go next. We hit most cq if enough members. We are want competitive players. We are in a transition mode because we want more, not staying content.

If we sound like a team for you, join in, I have us listed as public , to try to fill what we can till we get what we’re looking for. Thank you

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