Serious Players has Room for 1

If you are looking for a new club, like to play daily and enjoy participating in chat occasionally, our club may be the one for you. We usually rank in the low to mid 100’s every week (though we’re happy to get back to the top 100 again) and our members are required to play (not just pop in and collect coins) at least once within 24 hours. Most members average at least 40k per week but we require at least 25k/week. Must be a team player with no drama - we’re all friends here. Ask to join if we’re the team for you.


Would love to join an active group. Do you still have an opening.

Hi Pam. We were waiting on someone who’d askedbut she never responded so YES! We’d love to have you. Just go into the “Discover” section in the clubhouse and look up Serious Players and request to join. Diane who’s our leader is waiting to see your name pop up :bigsmile:

Also Pam, if you can tell us what club you’re in right now, we can look you up and send an invite that you can just reply to.

I am currently in Bagel Isle. Thank you.

I am in bagel isle. I saw three groups with your name, Serious Players, and I did not know which one to join.

Hi Pam,

I’m sorry. Since we did not hear back from you on the forum or the game for several hours the open position was filled. However, we’ll keep you in mind should another position become available.