Serenity springs

Um is anybody playing in serenity springs and are totally fogged in. Well im here to tell you its been that way since yesterday morning so I’m going two days of not being able to move forward. I missed out on double poi all day yesterday shakes head I’m truly getting angry as i spend alot of time and money on this game. Ima total tripeak-addict lol so this is rully p!$$!ng me off to say the least and ive notified them of this and to no avail as they never ever never get back to me about anything and i mean its rude to have contact us about your issues only to totally ignore your concerns. So please please please let me know if theres a trick to getting around this foggy bloggy lol
Thanks for any and all help to you all whew I’m glad i finally got that off my chest :upside_down_face::wink::scream::sob::rage::innocent::scream_cat::eyes::sweat_drops: