Seeking 3 dedicated players

Hi! I’m Tonya, a co-lead in Aggressive Play. We are a 7k a day, 50k a week team. We have fun, get all 7 perks and most of the club quest. We are lacking daily players, most do the 3k before idle minimum then dont come back and we miss the quests… If you love this game like I do, want to be rewarded and desire a strong group of friends… Please inbox/request, I will make room for great players! Thank you


Sounds good fit for me! My Club is too laid back and since ive joined we hve Never got Perk6. So i hvent played my full there is no point working on Perk6 alone. Although unfortunately I’m on Holiday at the Mo. I won’t be back for 2wks. Hpefully you still hve a spot free. I’ll send an invite if thts ok!?

That sounds great, enjoy yourself. I will advise my club so they will be on the look out for you also. Thanks for replying, have an awesome day!

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Great. Thanks so much! I’ll look forward to joining & playing Yeah!! I’ve missed my Golden Card lol :sparkling_heart::star2:

We normally get Goldie on Saturday night or early Sunday. I let the team know you will request in a couple of weeks, we are super excited too. You be safe and talk with you later. Night!