Seeking 2 laid back folks to join our gold club!

Chill island has 2 open spots! We love keeping the game fun, with low 5k and 50 tributes minimums each week. Dig and race are optional but must use at least 7 shovels on dig and all 7 plays each day of the race. We like being gold, getting some daily freebie logins and are low drama. Come join us if you’re looking for a new club that allows for life to come first! Search for Chill island, beebee as leader, public so you can click and join!

If you don’t mind teaching me at the same time I will join. I am a player who doesn’t really know what to do I just go on and on and don’t understand if I am good or bad I need guidance

Happy to help! Our team is very friendly and love to chat and help each other out. Give us a try if you want! Chill island, beebee as leader

Bee we I am wanting to join your team I am a regular player and my team not doing much. I am top players of my group club love so if you still looking I will be waiting for a message

Would love to have you, Jonjo!