Secrets to win the jackpot?

What is the secret tip to winning the 1,000,000.00 jackpot??

Most winners of the jackpot have said they did not do anything significant to win


I’ve fallen into that thing a couple of times but the jackpot slot had moved before it got to the bottom. Got a wild card out of it but that thing is a by chance thing so it’s hard to hit the jackpot. Should win more than one wild card if you land in it. 5 wild cards or a couple of volcano cards or 10000 coins should be offered for landing in the slot.


I win wild cards easier than a quest for a wild. I usually spend $20,000 in the morning and another $20,000 in the afternoon and win atleast 10 wilds a day on it, still no jackpot though but have been extremely close many times.

The highest I’ve been in coins is 250,000. I’d like to get higher so I could do what you suggested in trying to accumulate wild cards.


I spend about a 1/4th of what I have once I reach 100,000 coins or above. That’s just my strategy but I van totally appreciate you concerns. I didnt try it until I logged out of fb and used a guest account and played on that to weigh the benefits for myself.

I finally caved in and tried it. It helped getting those wild cards and free plays. I had a scavenger hunt today and played the free plays on it. Helped out a lot. Hunt me up and we can become friends on the game. I’m Maria under the Paradies-Island group. I’m good at returning coins unless I’m sleeping.

Notice how all of the responses are from 2019. The game changed for the worse since 2020.